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How today is making me feel…

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This bread resembles a ham. It delights me.

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ALL NEW IQB!  “DEUS EX” - Based off of Frank Miller’s art for Sin City: The Babe Wore Red.   Artwork and concept by your pal Rusty Shackles - inspired by a request from the Retronauts kickstarter. 

Please check out all of the existing IQB’s via the updated look main site here, this image and ALL of the IQBs shown are available as prints here (just email me if you don’t see the one you want). New issue soonish I hope.  Thanks for playing, true believers!

Completely awesome.

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A bit of nature in the city.

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Speaker cone.

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Song of the Day - Big Black Delta - Roost

This one is hard to track down. It was on a limited release album called BBDLP1, which is next to impossible to find.

Ugh. I tried getting this album on vinyl a while ago, and never received it. 😒

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At Bryn Mawr…